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Thank you for visiting Mr. Maurs.com. My name is Spencer Maurice Lindsay III, and I am the founder and owner of Mr. Maurs. One of my favorite things to do is to grill. Grilling steaks, brats, burgers, ribs etc... has, and always will be relaxing and good times for me. That's how I got into sauces. I felt like the food I was grilling wasn't my food if I used a store bought sauce. After successfully grilling with my sauce for the first time and was really good, I knew I couldn't go back to store bought sauces.


I started creating different sauces under the brand Mr. Maurs after dozens of co-workers wanted to buy some. After selling my sauces on Amazon.com, the Seattle Times caught wind of my brand and I shortly after headlined the March 6, 2017 article. Since then, CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos tweeted about Mr. Maurs, I rang the Nazdaq Bell, participated in the Congressional Black Caucus annual event and much more.

Who knew an African-American boy from Riverside California would accomplish something of this level.

Again thank you and look out for more Mr. Maurs products.