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Meals With Sauces

Mr. Maurs products has a unique blend of flavors that complement each other to perfection. Mr. Maurs has flavors ranging from sweet to tangy or smokey to spicy. In some sauces you can experience them all. Mr Maurs was created to provide a one-of-a-kind sauce, marinade, or dressing, to add that flavor we all were waiting for. All products are great for catering, gourmet dining, or just some good ol' homemade cooking. Here are some recipes that goes great with Mr. Maurs sauces. Thank you for visiting and hope you enjoyed Mr. Maurs sauce as much as I have, here at the home of the Space Needle, Seattle, Washington.‚Äč

Hello everyone, my name is Spencer M.  Lindsay III and I am the founder and owner of Mr. Maurs. I've been making sauces for as long as I can remember, but it wasn't always from my own. I used to get some store bought sauce, water it down, and add my favorite flavors. Until one day I brought some of my sauce to a picnic and people devoured all of it before everyone showed up. People were asking for the recipe and if they can buy some. I told myself, if I'm going to sell this I need to have my own recipe. After 8 long months of research and tweaks, I finally came up with my own recipe. Making sauces is a difficult profession because everyone's taste buds differ, but I believe I've made the perfect formula to please all tastes.